Mum's Milk, Organic Breastfeeding Tea


A specially blended herbal infusion for nursing mamas


Our organic breastfeeding tea is a powerful blend of herbs traditionally used to support lactation in nursing mothers. 

This herbal blend of thyme, aniseed, fennel, goat's rue and caraway is created to regulate hormonal production and encourage milk to flow. Added fenugreek boosts immune defences to make an effective tea that’s no less mighty on flavour.

With 16 whole leaf pyramids in every packet, this is a naturally caffeine-free boost that’s great for mother and baby alike.

Ingredients: Aniseed (25%), Fennel (25%), Fenugreek (25%), Caraway, Goat's Rue, Thyme.

To make it perfectly:

Pour freshly boiled water onto 1 tea pyramid, then infuse for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy 2-3 cups a day and store in a dry place away from strong light.

And one more thing: This is an organic herbal infusion, ethically sourced, vegan and certified by the Soil Association.

We’re proud to blend by hand in the UK with no nasties,
no pesticides and biodegradable packaging.


No quibble return policy, love it or your money back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
F Tod
Made a difference!

I developed mastitis which ended up impacting my milk supply, but after a couple weeks drinking the tea it's back to where it was before. I can't say for certain this wouldn't have happened anyway, but I think the tea did make a difference and is generally yummy and healthy too. Definitely recommend giving it a go!

Jessica Wayne
Love this tea!

I struggled with my milk supply with my first boy so was looking for something to aid BF after my second child and this tea has certainly done that. It tastes delicious and has also really helped with my post surgery trapped wind from my section.
Would highly recommend!

Lisa Blachford
Fantastic taste

Great tea, have noticed a difference in milk supply. Highly recommend

Kerry Courtney
Great tea, great service

I bought this tea because my little boy decided a bottle wasn't the worst thing in the world but when I was pumping I wasnt getting enough for even a bottle the next day.
Since starting the tea I have noticed an increase in my milk supply when pumping and I haven't felt engorged or uncomfortable.
I contacted nipper and co via Instagram and got an instant reply to my query. Very helpful and friendly!
Would recommend this small business and the mamas milk product and I'll definitely be trying more of what they have to offer in the future

Definitely worked for me

Love this tea! Lovely packaging and good quality tea bags - tastes lovely and I definitely noticed an improvement after drinking consistently for a week or so. Would highly recommend.