Nursing Might Not Be All That Easy

February 01, 2018

Nursing Might Not Be All That Easy

Breastfeeding Is For You

Big majority of mums will try breastfeeding. Some statistics say over 90%, but why does the number of breastfed babies drop so suddenly after week two.  Well, this most natural and without doubt the best choice for our babies does not always come all that easy.

So a bit about my experience of this wonderful most natural thing ever. Yes, we all know breast is best when it comes to feeding wee ones. But does that mean it is all that easy and fun? Hell no. It was by far the hardest thing I ever did. I said that with my number one, who was breastfed for 20 months. Furthermore  I say it again with my number two, now 6 weeks in our BF journey.

The Perfect Media Images of Breastfeeding

I was so deluded by images of yummy mummies gazing at their little one’s eyes while they dreamily nursed. Reality for me was much different. Establishing breastfeeding for majority women is bloody hard work. Painful latching, cracked nipples, not enough milk, too much milk, razor sharp gums that bite worse than sharks and wiggly little bodies that scream, scratch but demand milk now is just some of the wonderful details that describe breastfeeding best.

Did you know that you could even end up in surgery because of breast abscess, a bacterial infection that sometimes happens to nursing mums? No, neither did I up until a week ago. But here I am dreading of my surgery, not because I am afraid how it will go but because I am afraid someone will tell me I have to stop breastfeeding. Crazy you might think. I would totally agree, but that’s how it is, I think it’s not much different with most of us mums. What’s best for your kiddo comes first, your pain and discomfort, well in reality you become secondary.

More Information Needed

Today I only wish there would be more information, warning really, about how hard this is and how persistent you need to be to make nursing an enjoyable experience because I do believe it is the best choice but it should come with a medal for each mom that makes it.

SO if you are a mum, trying to establish breastfeeding, hang in there mamma it’s hard work but it does become easier. And if you are a mum that tried, but it didn’t work out so you opted for a bottle. Kudos to you sweet mama, we are all doing our best!


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