Green Supreme

May 09, 2020

Green Supreme

Supercharge your mind, body and soul with this jam-packed green tea that has taste on its side.

Main ingredient of our Green Supreme is Also known as Pin Ho Jade. A Vietnamese green tea which is a unique tea from the highland Yen Bai region of Vietnam. It Lies to the central North of the country. It has been harvested by local tribes and villagers for generations. Gathered from wild tea trees, rather than cultivated, up to 500 years. The tea is an integral part of local culture and generates an important income for the local community. It enables improved development and especially education in the local area. It feels great to be able to support educational development and that’s why with every sip of my lovely green brew my heart grows a bit bigger.

The blend is also empowered with Yerba Mate and Siberian Ginseng. Which make a nice shake- up that gives me a super green boost. It will surely bring delight for all those in the know of benefits of green tea that are not that impressed with bitter aftertaste that often comes with them. Light and refreshing on palate it’s sure to wow you from first sip.

It was love at first sight for me, so I hope it gives you that oomph too!