Breastfeeding – Sources of Information and Support for Nursing Mothers

October 10, 2018

Breastfeeding – Sources of Information and Support for Nursing Mothers

These are just some of the links to resources with advice and help on all things breastfeeding. I  found them very beneficial in my early days of nursing so hope they can help some mums on their breastfeeding journey too. 


Sources of information and support for breastfeeding in the UK 

Little Peach This wonderful mama who is a certified breastfeeding specialist offers a wide range of services to include Free Online Breastfeeding Support Session. These online support sessions will cover any questions, worries or concerns you have about Breastfeeding. Sessions are available via chat or Facetime/skype

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
A charity run by mothers for mothers, committed to giving friendly support and supplying accurate information to all women wishing to breastfeed.

Baby Café Charitable Trust
Baby Cafés are a network of branded drop-in centres which support breastfeeding mothers, so that they can get free, top quality help and support.

Breastfeeding Network
BfN’s aims are to promote breastfeeding in the UK, collect and disseminate information on breastfeeding and baby and infant nutrition, and provide information and support to parents on the feeding of babies and infants. It has extensive information on medications and breastfeeding.

La Leche League GB
Affiliated to La Leche League International which is a world-wide voluntary organisation, dedicated to providing support, information and education to women who want to breastfeed and to those who care for them.

National Childbirth Trust
The NCT supports thousands of people each year through the incredible life-changing experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

All of the above offer support to breastfeeding parents with no strings attached.

Breastfeeding information, links and resources

1001 Critical Days “Breastfeeding Supplement

The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners(ATP)
ATP was set up in 2012 by a group of tongue-tie practitioners from the NHS and independent sectors with the aims of increasing awareness, supporting parents, assisting practitioners and providing resources for health care.

Breastfeeding Online
Extensive information on breastfeeding compiled by an IBCLC, and links to articles by Dr Jack Newman.

Breastfeeding Outlook
Offers courses and resources for evidence-based practice.

Information on parenting and breastfeeding compiled by an IBCLC.

Tongue-tie video
A video produced by Dr Evelyn Jain on the impact of tongue-tie on breastfeeding, with images of tongue-tie.

Tongue-tie information
Informative website written by Carmen Fernando, Australian speech-language pathologist.


If you need any further help do drop me a note. I love to hear from nursing mums, as have been there twice myself and know very well how hard it can be in those early days. 

You are not alone mama! There is a whole tribe of us, here to support!